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  Special  Products
   WRT54G  Wireless 4P Router 802.11G
   WRT54GS  Wireless 4P Router 802.11G w/speed booster
   WRT54GX  Wireless 4P Router 802.11G w/Range Expen
   WMP54G  Wireless PCI adapter 802.11G
   WMP54GS  Wireless PCI adapter 802.11G w/speed booster
   WPC54G  Wireless PCMCIA adapter 802.11G
   WPC54GS  Wireless PCMCIA adapter 802.11G w/speed booster
   WUSB54G  Wireless USB2.0 802.11G 
   WUSB54GS  Wireless USB2.0 802.11G w/speed booster
  713V 710V  910v  913v  910T 915N 910T
               very solid competitive prices and quality
Viewsonic VE710b VE175 VP171B  VG910s VG910b 
                  VP912b VX2000 VP201s VP201b 

                very solid competitive prices and quality

DVD-RW/+RW Writer

109D  (16x DVD+RW/-RW Dual layer)
    Sony      DW28A (16x DVD+RW/-RW Dual layer)
    Nec        3540A  (16x DVD+RW/-RW Dual layer)
    Benq      BenQ DW1620 16X DVD+RW/-RW   

Hard drive 

120G ATA 7200rpm 2M
    Seagate 200G ATA 7200rpm 8m
    Seagate 120G SATA 7200rpm 8m

We are looking forward to serving all your computing needs.

  Provide full line High-End video cards


Intel Premier Provider  
Provide total solution to your


Provide full line professional Servers
case made your systems be sold
to government, hospital and school
Agear TA192


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