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RMA  Service
RMA Number  
     It is necessary to obtain a RMA number before returning any merchandise to VMAX. Before a RMA number is issued, customer needs to fill out a RMA form with details of the defective products. Customers also need to provide a copy of the original invoice. RMA number will be issued within 48 hours of the receipt of the request, if approved. RMA number can also be obtained on-line from our website governed by addition terms and conditions as specified on the website.
      You can download RMA FORM HERE:
RMA FORM (MS WORD format( Click right button and save as) , PDF Format

RMA Shipment  

     Return items must be accompanied with copy of invoice with the RMA# clearly marked on the shipping label or the package. The package has to be properly packed to protect against damage in shipment, and sends prepaid by the sender. Please do not include accessories, such as cable, manual and drivers in the package for regular RMA item. 
    The package may be refused if it does not have a RMA# clearly marked, provides no copy of invoice, and/or ships collect the receiver.  
    Please test all products and state their exact problems on the RMA Form before returning them to VMAX. Products tested good will ship freight collect back to the original sender.   
DOA  Policy  

In general, if a product is found defective and returned within 30 days of invoice date (DOA), it will be replaced as soon as possible, provided that the item is in stock. Some Items may come  with different DOA period (like CPU, Notebook...) 
Manufacturers RMA Guidelines for LCD Dead Pixels

    The LCD displays that we carry generally have very few non-performing pixels (dead pixel). This applies to LCDs only; individual liquid crystal cells may be permanently stuck on or off, creating a tiny colored dot that is always on (and often white or black). Many LCDs have flaws, and they may not be covered by the warranty. You have to expect a certain number of these pixel defects on an LCD; if manufacturers were to guarantee perfect panels, the price per display would have to be much higher.
     Fortunately, pixel defects are less noticeable on higher-resolution displays. If you're concerned about this, check the pixel-defect policy before you buy. However, VMAX will only follow manufacturers' guidelines with regards to accepting LCD monitors with dead pixels for RMA. 
   The followings are the respective manufacturers' links regarding their RMA policy and return requirement for LCD monitors with dead pixels.

LCD Dead Pixel Criteria
ViewSonic LCD Warranty Information
NEC LCD Warranty Information
SAMSUNG LCD Warranty Information
DAYTEK LCD Warranty Information



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