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Hard drives:
BUSlink  200G 8M ATA 7200 Barracuda 200G ATA100 7200RPM 8MB Cache 3.5" (Fluid Dynamic Bearing)
  40G 7200rpm ATA100 2M ST340016A (Barracuda4 )
  80G 7200rpm ATA100 2M ST380021A with HydraulicBaring   
  120G 7200rpm ATA100 2M ST3120023A with HydraulicBaring 
  160G 7200rpm ATA100 2M ST3160021A with Hydraulic Baring 
  120G 7200rpm ATA100 8M ST3120024A with HydraulicBaring 
  120G 7200rpm Serial-ATA150 8M ST3120023AS 9.0ms
  120G 7200rpm Serial-ATA150 8M ST3120026AS 8.5ms 
  160G 7200rpm ATA100 ATA  8M  
  160G 7200rpm Serial-ATA150 8M ST3160023AS  8.5ms  
  200G 7200rpm Serial-ATA150 8M ST3160023AS  8.5ms  
  300G 7200rpm Serial-ATA150 8M 
  400G 7200rpm Serial-ATA150 8M
  WD800JB: 80.0GB 7200rpm, ATA100, 9ms, Caviar, 8M
  WD1200JB: 120GB 7200rpm, ATA100, 9ms, Caviar, 8M
  WD1800JB: 180GB 7200rpm, ATA100, 9ms, Caviar, 8M
  WD2000JB: 200GB 7200rpm, ATA100, 9ms, Caviar, 8M
  WD2500JB: 250GB 7200rpm, ATA100, 9ms, Caviar, 8M
Raptor WD360GD: 36.0GB 10Krpm, S-ATA150, 5.2ms, 8M, 1.2Mhrs
S-ATA WD1200JD: 120GB 7200rpm, S-ATA150, 9ms, 8M 
  WD1600JD: 160GB 7200rpm, S-ATA150, 9ms, 8M 
  WD2000JD: 200GB 7200rpm, S-ATA150, 9ms, 8M 
  WD2500JD: 250GB 7200rpm, S-ATA150, 9ms, 8M 
  40.0G  ATA133 7200rpm 2M DiamondMax Plus8 6E040L0 Hydraulic
  80.0G  ATA133 7200rpm 2M DiamondMax Plus8 6E080L0 Hydraulic
  80.G  ATA133 7200rpm 8M 6Y080P0 
  120.G  ATA133 7200rpm 8M 6Y120P0
  160.G  ATA133 7200rpm 8M 6Y160P0 
00.G  ATA133 7200rpm 8M 6Y200P0 
  200.G  ATA133 7200rpm 16M 6Y200R0 
  250.G  ATA133 7200rpm 8M 6Y250P0 
S-ATA 80.G  SerialATA150  6Y080M0 8M
120.G  SerialATA150  6Y120M0 8M
160.G  SerialATA150  6Y160M0 8M
200.G  SerialATA150  6Y200M0 8M
2.5'' HD for notebook 
40.0G 9.5mmH IBM/Toshiba  for notebook 
  60.0G 9.5mmH Toshiba  for notebook 
80.0G 9.5mmH Hitachi  for notebook 08K0632 

SCSI: Controller 

  Adaptec 2940U2W 80mbs scsi
  Adaptec 29160 160mbs scsi
  Adaptec 29320 320mbs scsi
  Adaptec 2010 scsi adaptor  
  Adaptec 2015 scsi adaptor  
  Intel SECU2-X scsi-Raid adaptor  

SCSI: Seagate   

 10krpm Seagate 36G 68pin 10K U320
  Seagate 36G 80pin 10K U320
  Seagate 73G 68pin 10K U320
  Seagate 73G 80pin 10K U320
  Seagate 140G 68pin 10K U320
  Seagate 140G 80pin 10K U320
 15krpm Seagate 36G 68pin 15K U320
  Seagate 36G 80pin 15K U320
  Seagate 73G 68pin 15K U320
  Seagate 73G 80pin 15K U320

SCSI: Maxtor   

 10krpm 36G 68pin 10K U320
  36G 80pin 10K U320
  73G 68pin 10K U320
  73G 80pin 10K U320
  140G 68pin 10K U320
  140G 80pin 10K U320
 15krpm 36G 68pin 15K U320
  36G 80pin 15K U320
  73G 68pin 15K U320
  73G 80pin 15K U320

  Provide full line High-End video cards


Intel Premier Provider  
Provide total solution to your


Provide full line professional Servers
case made your systems be sold
to government, hospital and school


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